For Families

The mission of Energy Capital Child Care Center is based on the recognition that Social Competence is the key to all learning.  Children’s early interpersonal relationships determine their understanding of the world.  The development of positive relationships based on respect for the individual is the foundation of the program.  All children should have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to participate in satisfying relationships and activities with their peers, teachers, parents and other significant adults. 

Specific components of the program include: 

  • Weaving parent involvement into the program in a way that offers parenting education, respects parents, and ultimately provides added benefits for children.  
  • Integrating a preschool curriculum that is designed to meet the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative needs of the children at their various developmental levels.   
  • Offering play-based high-scope curriculum that provides choices for children and meets them at their interest level. 

Parenting education is most effective when it involves hands on application of knowledge.  This includes implementing curriculum, interacting with children, learning appropriate teaching and caregiving practices learned in part by observing children and teachers.   

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