Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care is seeking employees who have a passion for teaching and caring for children. Applications are being accepted for the following positions:

Child Care Aide

  • $11-$14 an hour, depending on experience
  • Full time or part time, day shift, Monday through Friday

Job Description: The daycare aide is responsible for ensuring safe care for children at the Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care New Bethel Center. Supervision means a staff member responsible for caring for or teaching children and being within sight or hearing range of an infant, toddler, or preschooler at all times, so the staff member is capable of intervening to protect the health and safety of the child. For the school-age child, it means a staff member responsible for caring for or teaching children and being available for assistance and care, so that the child’s health and safety is protected.

Requirements: The minimum qualifications for aides responsible for caring for or teaching children (North Dakota Century Code 75-03-10-12):

  • Be at least fourteen years of age, provided that each staff member under age sixteen has written parental consent for employment as a staff member.
  • Be of good physical, cognitive, social, and emotional health and use mature judgment when making decisions impacting the quality of child care;
  • Complete a Department of Human Services-approved basic child care course within the first three months of employment.
  • Complete the Department of Human Services-approved training related to child care. Number of training hours required is based on hours worked per week.
  • Receive a two-day, onsite orientation to the child care program during the first week of employment.

Essential Functions, Roles, and Responsibilities

  1. Monitor child safety and behavior.
  2. Arrange and take part in indoor and outdoor play.
  3. Change diapers of infants and toddlers, following proper health guidelines. May change diapers of older children who may have special needs.
  4. Read to children and teach simple painting, drawing, games, hand work, and songs.
  5. Teach children to share and to be giving, patient, and understanding of others.
  6. Assist in preparing and serving meals and drinks to children.
  7. Correct children when needed, following rules established by the child care center Encourage children to care for and pick up toys, books, and clothing.
  8. Teach children about good health and personal habits, such as eating, resting, and toilet habits.
  9. Supervise rest periods and change sheets on cribs or cots when needed.
  10. Toys and play equipment washed and sanitized.
  11. Keep records of child’s progress and discuss child’s needs with parents/guardians.
  12. Watch children with special medical needs and call for medical assistance when needed.
  13. Make sure supplies are ready for scheduled activities and that toys and other play things are put away.

This job description does not reflect all duties that may be assigned to this position.

Other Requirements: CPR certification. Must meet the attendance requirements of the position including mandatory meetings. Must speak and write English clearly. Respects the privacy of all persons and confidential information according to confidentiality policies.

Physical Capabilities: Must be physically lift a minimum of 40 pounds, and work indoors or outdoors. Must be able to assume postures in low levels to allow physical and visual contact with children, see and hear well enough to keep children safe, and engage in physical activity with children.